Flex Your Future

Flex Your Future
Posted on 05/03/2024
Flex Your FutureFlex your future

Flex Report_Hypertherm 4_18.pdf

Flex Hypertherm

On 4/18/2024 Courtney Duquette and Jones Taliaferro visited with students during a recent “FLEX Your FUTURE” event at MVRHS.

Our students enjoyed interacting with these guests from Hypertherm. The conversation about the company and careers in general helped the students imagine their future and consider possibilities. A field trip is in the works to follow up on student interest in this terrific local company.

Our “FLEX Your Future” events are designed to help our students interact with real people from various career categories here in our region, and beyond. We deeply appreciate the generous and quality engagement that our local businesses and community organizations are making to enrich students through these opportunities.

DHMC Workforce Flex 4-23.pdf

Flex 4-23

Bethany Lahaye from DHMC Workforce Readiness visits with students during a recent “FLEX Your FUTURE”. Our students found the presentation very engaging and immediately signed up for the field trip to the DHMC Career Fair.

Many great take-a-ways from the visit, including; “DHMC fends off 5,000 cybersecurity attacks every day.” This emphasizes the opportunity in computer related careers everywhere.

“Be eager to learn and be open minded, willing to explore.” As students contemplate how to be ‘ready’ for the next steps in life, it was fantastic to hear these two essential qualities which are sought after.

BIG thank you to Bethany Lahaye, who also stayed for lunch to mingle with the student body.

BioXCell Flex presentation 4-25.pdf

Flex 2-25

Kate, Hunter & Megan from BioXCell had a terrific presentation and interaction with students during a recent FLEX Your Future event.

Our students took away many valuable insights and reflections about laboratory work from these terrific local professionals. They also learned from the diverse background of our guests and were enriched by the examples of flexibility and developing interest along a career/work path.

While it is important to have a plan, it is also important to allow yourself permission to change and adjust that plan. The important thing is the journey and to do your best along the way. It could be that one class or life experience ends up being something a discovery moment.

Keep Grit and Resilience - do your best along the way and chase after things you are interested in. Keep at it, and you will find things along the way to help.

And by the way, working in a laboratory can be a very fulfilling career!
Flex 5-14
Sara Snow and Shawn Keefe visited students

Two guests from Alliane Group Services, LLC (West Lebanon NH) Sara Snow and Shawn Keefe visited with students today for our FLEX Your Future opportunity. 

They were able to drop in on a class with Mr. Shinnlinger and also meet with a group of students in the library about career opportunities and qualities for success. It was terrific for them to share their own journey and also talk about opportunities in the trades.  It was inspiring to hear how working with equipment and systems is really all about helping people.  

Including Mackenzie Lewis and RyanTessier, who visited yesterday, Alliance Group Services sent four professionals our way this week.  We really appreciate the effort to inspire our students and help them engage with their future in creative ways.