AV Club


Advisor: Seth Marrotte | AV Specialist

[email protected]

High School | Thursdays 3:00pm - 4:30pm | Room G1

Open to 9th-12th Grade
Middle School
| Wednesdays 3:00pm - 4:00pm | IRS Library
Open to 5th - 8th Grade

AV Club is an interactive experience, combining industry standard software and techniques. Students will combine their knowledge of core classes and electives to understand the basics of Pre-Production, Production and Post Production. This, combined with AV and Narrative script writing, Cinematography, Live Broadcasting, Documentary Filmmaking, Narrative Filmmaking, Live Show Production and Live Event Directing gives students the tools for team building and leadership experience for careers and educational opportunities after graduation.

Mascoma Radio

Mascoma High School students learn to build and manage radio shows, podcasts, live events and more!

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Other Opportunities______

  • FAA Drone Certification
  • Open Broadcast Software (live stream)
  • Mac, PC and Chrome Operating Systems
  • Video cameras, DSLRs
  • Lighting Kits
  • Audio Devices
  • Radio station software
  • Auditorium Consoles: Sounds, Lights