AV Club


Advisor: Seth Marrotte | AV Specialist

[email protected]

High School | Thursdays 3:00pm - 4:30pm | G1

Open to 9th-12th Grade
Middle School
| Wednesdays 3:00pm - 4:00pm | G1
Open to 5th - 8th Grade

G1 is located downstairs at the high school

AV Club is an interactive experience, combining industry standard software and techniques. Students will combine their knowledge of core classes and electives to understand the basics of Pre-Production, Production and Post Production. This, combined with AV and Narrative script writing, Cinematography, Live Broadcasting, Documentary Filmmaking, Narrative Filmmaking, Live Show Production and Live Event Directing gives students the tools for team building and leadership experience for careers and educational opportunities after graduation.

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Filmed on Kodak Vision3 250D
16mm film

This film was achieved by learning filmmaking styles and processes from pre-production, production and post production. The film cost money every second, it is essential that the student knows every step of filmmaking and how to run a camera properly. The camera is a non-reflex Bolex. This means we cannot see what the lens will capture, only assume with an Octometer. Focus and exposure are calculated manually, having to actually measure the distance of the camera to the subject and use a light meter. All sound is recorded separately, requiring syncing in the edit.

Movie The Mascoma AV Club is running a summer season of movies!

The Mascoma Film Society started running films in the auditorium directly after the high school renovation. The AV Club is here to revive it!

All films are chosen by students for their cultural significance and ran by students in the Mascoma Auditorium. 

Admission is FREE!

Mascoma Radio

Mascoma High School students learn to build and manage radio shows, podcasts, live events and more!

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filmphotography Kodak

The photos below were made by Breanna Houston for
"History and Production of Film" ELO








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On 4/19 the High School and IRS AV Club went to CES
to have AV workshops with the 4th graders. The elementary schoolers were able to learn about lights, sound, music and video production.

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